Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For All We Call, Mizzou.

THE FACTS: This morning on the fifth flight of stairs in the Hitt Street Parking garage I stumbled upon a dead pigeon. The pigeon was decapitated. The head...missing.

JUDGMENT: I was unaware that Ozzy was coming to campus. I almost threw up as I was coming down the stairs this morning and stumbled upon my new friend. I bet it was some twisted sorority prank gone awry (Those Phi Moos will eat anything.) Who does one contact to remove the massive carcass of a headless pigeon?!?!?


  1. At least the headless pigeon didn't fall on you from the top of the garage as you were exiting.

    This only extends my fear of parking garage pigeons...

  2. at least it wasn't a bald eagle. or a kitten.

    oh and i think you should contact MUPD. all they ever get do is pull over drunk driving freshmen. they need some excitement.

  3. i saw this and was quite grossed out. be careful as you drive in Hitt St. garage...the MUPD were patroling as I left today at 5pm.