Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the Winner Is...

THE FACTS: A 10 year old sussex spaniel named Stump won Best in Show at the 2009 Westminster Dog Show. Stump has a lazy eye

JUDGMENT: This dog looks like Paris Hilton. How in the hell did this decrepid dog win the most reknowned title in the dogging world? LOOK AT HIS EYE, it is sooo droopy. I would have thrown him out instantly (unless he was wearing an eye patch.)


  1. um, hello? you're lacking on the updates. what am i supposed to do at work all day if i don't have updates to read!?

  2. Sussex spaniels and Springer spaniels are actually very similar. Would you throw Sunny out instantly? That's obviously a joke, like all fat kids he has a wonderful personality to compensate and is so far above wearing an eyepatch.... because he is blind.